Please express your interest in the animals of your choice by contacting us at or by phone 1-360-240-2535. Please include the following information:

  • Contact information: name, email address, phone number.

  • The animal tag number, sex, color, etc.


  • All animals are healthy and disease free when they leave Stonebrier Farm. All animals will be up to date on vaccinations including CDT, pneumonia and will have been dewormed. We will not knowingly release any animal showing any outward signs of infection, foot rot, or any visible illness. Health certificates are required for all goats shipped across state lines, but be aware an examination of this type is for only communicable diseases/parasites and not for physical examination of structure and conformity.

  • Our herd of animals is tested annually for CAE and CL remaining negative for both.


  • One half of the total purchase price as the deposit is required to hold a kid until weaning and it will be applied to the kidís purchase price. Kids need to be picked up by 12 weeks of age. If a kid is not picked up within 12 weeks of age, the kid will remain the property of Stonebrier Farm and the deposit will not be refunded. A full refund will be returned if the reserved kid becomes ineligible for sale i.e. sick or dies.

  • One half of the total purchase price as the deposit is required on an adult goat and we will reserve the goat for 14 days unless other arrangements have been made. The deposit will be applied to the goats purchase price. If the goat is not picked up within 14 days and there is no communication as to other arrangements from the buyer, the goat will remain the property of Stonebrier Farm with the deposit being forfeited.

  • We allow five (5) business days for any deposit to arrive. If the deposit is not received within the time specified, its reserve will be automatically removed and the animal again considered available to another buyer.

  • Deposits may be received as a check, money order, cashierís check, Pay Pal or via Square. Be advised there is a 3.5% charge in addition to the deposit/purchase if credit/debit card, Pay Pal or Square is used for any purpose.

  • The remaining balance due on the animal must be paid in full prior to its release from the premises of Stonebrier Farm.

  • We reserve the right to cancel the sale, should we choose to cancel the contract, the full amount of any funds paid will be fully refunded.

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There will be no refund of either your deposit or purchase price after the animal has been removed from the premises of Stonebrier Farm as we will no longer have the responsibility for its care, custody or control. The buyer enters into this agreement knowing and accepting the no refund policy after the animal has been removed from the premises.

  • Stonebrier Farm makes no other warranties, expressed or implied to the present or future soundness or health of the goat. The buyer, at his/her option and expense to have a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice and expense, to have the animal examined prior to completing the transaction. Veterinarians require payment in full prior to conducting a pre-purchase examination and for any tests requested.


  • All shipping costs i.e. transportation, health certificates, testing, examinations are solely the buyers responsibility. Depending on the situation, we may be able to meet the buyer for partial delivery at an additional expense to be negotiated at that time.



  • All of the Boer goats, both adults and kids, are registered through the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA). Registration paper work and fees will be the responsibility of the seller.



  • We maintain a closed herd and do not offer buck service.


Ron & Arline Stone
3129 Hunt Road
Oak Harbor, Washington 98277




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